Important streets of Marietta, Georgia.

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networkconnectivityproblems replied to your post “!!!!!!!!!! Oberlin is implementing a training for first-years called…”

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I literally happy danced around my room, which is ridiculous but like I get to be involved in sexual assault prevention and education through peer leadership!!!!!!!!!!! 


Oberlin is implementing a training for first-years called Preventing and Responding to Sexual Misconduct and I was invited to join the training team?!!?!!?


Amy Poehler - Parks and Rec season 5 blooper reel

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If you haven’t watched this yet you are truly missing out

10 Of Your Favorite Funny TV Stars Before They Were Famous


You’ve probably already heard that many of today’s biggest TV stars began their careers in the New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles alternative comedy scenes, but did you know that videos from the actors’ early days still exist on the Internet? Check out some pre-fame work from your…

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Roald Dahl byThe Dead Authors Podcast
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The moment when Ben Schwartz discovers that the author of his favorite book is an anti-semite, while in character as that author live on stage.

Hearing Ben Schwartz find out that Roald Dahl was anti-Semitic was almost as heartbreaking as finding out Roald Dahl was anti-Semitic.

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I arranged a job interview at a reputable law firm. What they don’t know is that every word I say in the interview will be decided by a 7 year old boy through a hidden earpiece.

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