date a boy who reads. date a boy who steals your book and gives it back annotated instead of borrowing it like a normal person. date a boy whose uncle pushes him into a lake. date a boy who can’t go two seconds without making a sarcastic comment. date jess. i guess. for some reason. it’s too early in the arc for me to understand why you would do that, rory gilmore. 

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Rue Prince Arthur, Montréal, Québec

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ohmygod that is one of my favorite places in the entire world! Is that where you live??

just visiting montreal on my fall break but yes it’s soooo beautiful 

View from Mont Royal

“It’s like a Gilmore Girls-type charming town, but filled with UCB freaks” — Jessica St. Clair talking about her and Lennon Parham’s show, Playing House on the Nerdist podcast (x) HASHTAG RENEW PLAYING HOUSE (via mulaneysbutt)

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HDTGM: The Science of Sharknado - By Jay Marks

This is gonna be my new favorite gif


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